Baby Mine

Baby Mine


Mama and baby approved! For your little ones or for those with sensitivities, try a Baby Mine cupcake soap for a gentle and creamy lather. With kaolin clay and ground oatmeal to help maintain your skin’s natural pH balance, this soap will leave you with a moisturizing finish and the aromatherapy of lavender.

Weight: Approximately 3.6 oz (102 grams). Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual weight may slightly vary.

Dimensions: Approximately 2.5”x3”x3”. Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual dimensions may slightly vary.

Ingredients: olive oil*, distilled water, coconut oil*†, sodium hydroxide, shea butter*, castor oil*, lavender essential oil, kaolin clay, collodial oatmeal, sodium lactate (moisturizer)

*organic      †fair trade      Ⓥ vegan & cruelty free

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