Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

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Here at Bar & Basin, we love to talk about our favorite legendary heroes and what made them so great in our minds. As a tribute to a true legend, we designed “Bruce Lee” in honor of the late kung fu master in his iconic role in the film, Game of Death. With hints of lemongrass, sandalwood, bergamot and ginger, you will reach a nirvana that no evil villains would dare cross. 

Weight: Approximately 4.7 oz (133 grams). Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual weight may slightly vary.

Dimensions: Approximately 3.5”x2.5”x1”. Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual dimensions may slightly vary.

Ingredients: ricebran oil*, coconut oil*†, coconut milk, distilled water, avocado oil*, shea butter*, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, castor oil*, dried lemongrass*, mica, titanium dioxide*, iron oxide

*organic         †fair trade Ⓥ vegan & cruelty free

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