Eucalyptus, Mint, & Sea Salt

Eucalyptus, Mint, & Sea Salt


As lucious as its green tones, enjoy the crisp, clean tones of Eucalyptus, Mint, & Sea Salt! With real crushed mint leaves and sea salt scattered in its whipped waves, you are sure to feel fresh and ready for the day.

Weight: Approximately 3.6oz (102 grams). Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual weight may slightly vary.

Dimensions: Approximately 3”x2.75”x1”. Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual dimensions may slightly vary.

Ingredients: distilled water, ricebran oil*, coconut oil*†, palm oil*†, sunflower oil*, sodium hydroxide, castor oil*, fragrance, titanium dioxide*, French sea salt, crushed mint leaves, mica, chromium oxide green, enviromentally-friendly biodegradable glitter

*organic †fair trade    Ⓥ vegan & cruelty free

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