John Wayne

John Wayne


Here at Bar & Basin, we love to talk about our favorite legendary heroes and what made them so great in our minds. For those of us who liked to play Cowboys and Indians as kids, we could appreciate the grit and gall of the Duke himself, “John Wayne.” To capture the iconic persona he created on the screen, we have infused scents of tobacco, leather, whiskey, and a hint of romantic rose. For those with normal-to-oily skin, we have added some activated charcoal to help absorb any excess oils after working a hard day on the prairie while keeping the troublemakers at bay.

Weight: Approximately 4.2 oz (119 grams). Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual weight may slightly vary.

Dimensions: Approximately 3”x2.75”x1”. Our handcrafted soaps are all hand cut, actual dimensions may slightly vary.

Ingredients: distilled water, ricebran oil*, coconut oil*†, avocado oil, shea butter*, sodium hydroxide, castor oil*, fragrance, glycerin‡, activated charcoal, mica, titanium dioxide*, iron oxide, tin oxide, aluminum oxide

*organic      †fair trade      ‡vegetable-based     Ⓥ vegan & cruelty free

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