Noor Razvi

Bar & Basin - Owner

There are many reasons why people are moving away from commercial personal care products. Some people are concerned about the environment, others are worried about what harmful chemicals they might be exposed to, and then there are some who are struggling to find simple, clean relief. 

Growing up, many seeds are planted along our journey. Yet we must recognize those seeds and choose to cultivate them as opportunities. This is the story of one of my seeds.

Looking back, my journey into soap was rooted in my adolescence. My family has been plagued with various forms of eczema throughout our generations. In the past, family members would blindly accept their condition as just a fact-of-life without any true relief and perhaps with some shame. After my little brother was born, he was diagnosed with a type of eczema that limited him as a small child. There were few activities he could partake in with his friends, and he was subject to many doctor visits and treatments. I still recall our regular routine of washing his sandy sheets and holding his hands until he slept in hopes he would not claw his precious skin open. Doctors also continually changed up his prescriptions to treat his condition and avoid newfound allergies. Through all this, I found myself wondering if all these expensive products contained something that caused more irritation than relief…if perhaps there were any products out there made of simple ingredients that could give my little brother the comfort he deserved.

Years later, my husband and I started our own family, and now our youngest child is starting to show similar symptoms my brother endured as a child. With the determination of a mother bear, I rose to this challenge and began to research and practiced making soap every night. Once my 1st batch of baby soap had cured, we tried it out at bath time and were ecstatic to feel a noticeable difference in his skin afterwards. I’m happy to say his condition is well kept under control and uncomplicated by some product from a large manufacturer. Overall, he is a happy little guy who is enjoying childhood to the fullest. And in creating a simple, clean soap for my little one that I knew will not cause him harm, my eyes finally saw the seed in front of me.

In short, this challenge has transformed into a pleasure, and it is my pleasure to share my products with others faced with similar stories. While there is no product out there can “cure” or “treat” anyone’s skin conditions, I strongly believe we can provide you with a simply clean and uncompromised product that is still pleasing to sight, smell, and touch. We hope you will give us a chance to help you find the relief and comfort you deserve every day.

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Be clean. Be well.