Grand Opening!

Ready for something new and exciting? Bar & Basin is open for business offering a variety of soaps, and there’s a little something special for everyone. Every bar is formulated to give you a lasting, bubbly bar no matter what your skin type is! And truth be told, every bar is specially designed to be enjoyed by both men and women.

Case in point, the biggest fans of Bourbon on the Rocks happened to be women! But if you are a bourbon connoisseur in your own right, this is definitely the bar for you. For those looking for something original and extra special for the holidays, you are sure to enjoy a nice cup of Cappuccino to go with your personal rituals.

Before you leave today, we hope you will indulge yourself at checkout. Be sure to check in with us and follow us on Instagram (@noorable.happens) and Pinterest (@barandbasin) for our upcoming seasonal line of products! Until next time…

Be clean. Be well.

Noor RazviComment