Successful Launch and then some!

Firstly, we owe a HUGE “Thank You!” To all our early customers and supporters in enabling our launch of our product line. We had an overwhelming number of orders and wonderful feedback from you. Without you, we would not have reached our first milestone as a new small business. One ask that we do have is: Please keep your feedback coming! From you, from your loved ones, friends, whoever you share your soap with. You are our customer and we continue to refine our recipes (or keep making what works for you) to create the ultimate product that suits your needs and pleasures. Your words are golden! 

With that said, some of you have noticed that our inventory is looking a little slim. I ask that you please bear with us while we are in process of making a giant leap to not only replenish our inventory, but grow it...and expand! Based on some of the feedback we received, Bar & Basin is designing and creating new bars with new looks and smells for our next big release around the New Year. If you would like to see updates and sneak peeks of what’s to come, follow us on Facebook (@noorable) or Instagram (@noorable.happens)!  You may also find some last minute holiday releases online and future public events...Be sure you subscribe and follow us to be the first to know!

Until next time, dear friends. Be clean. Be well. ✨🛁♥️

Noor RazviComment